Léo Caillard and Alexis Persani's “Street Stone” Gives Louvre's Classical Sculpture Some Hip Threads

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"As if they didn’t already have the perfect physique… now the Louvre’s classical sculptures have flawless style as well. French photographer Léo Caillard teamed up with digital mastermind Alexis Persani to give these ancient sculptures a sartorial update with their “Street Stone Series.”

Caillard photographed the statues in the buff and then used his friends as models for the flannels, cuff jeans, and Ray Bans that the statues would wear. Persani then combined them to create a startlingly natural-looking series. Suddenly the way they lounge, look off into the distance and sport those flamboyant moustaches looks all too calculated. Then again, since the now-monochrome statues were originally brightly painted, maybe the images aren’t that far off base after all.

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ゼルダシリーズまとめ2 | タバコ


ゼルダシリーズまとめ2 | タバコ


Oh nothing…just two sisters cosplaying as my PokeCrossover, Elsa and Anna drawings!!


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